Finger Football Hero

Finger Football Hero 1.0

Fun mobile soccer game


  • Fun graphics
  • Simple, flick-based control system


  • No multiplayer


Finger Football Hero is a free soccer game that challenges your finger reflexes to the max.

The game, developed in collaboration with Pepsi, charges you with the task of scoring more goals than your computer-controlled opponent. All of the action takes place in a beautiful, brightly colored cartoon world.

Finger Football Hero's controls are very simple - you simply aim your finger at the goal and flick it forward to shoot. Of course, you also need to block shots from your opponent, which is done by putting your finger in the way of the ball.

There are five difficulty levels in Finger Football Hero, all of which littered with power-ups and meerkats (yes, you heard) that make the matches more exciting. There's also a fun mini game in which you can go and grab a refreshment from the coach, which turns the screen into a glass of Pepsi that you need to drink.

It's such a shame that there is no multiplayer mode in Finger Football Hero, because this would've made the game appealing for even longer.

Finger Football Hero is fun to play, as long as you're not expecting a highly realistic soccer simulation.

Finger Football Hero


Finger Football Hero 1.0

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